An Amazing Gift

Sonya Gibson-Dixon

Welcome! Spoken Hearts, LLC truly thanks you for your support and your willingness to support this literacy platform. Spoken Hearts, LLC will be a voice for those that have been voiceless for all to long! Today's duo book releases emphasizes the importance of reading literacy for young children of color. It has been amazing to witness the readiness of your support of the youth. It is our jobs as parents, teachers, and citizens to prepare and expose our children to the realities of the world. These preparations are only effective when they are academically and socially confident. It starts with a book! It ends with a book! Everything in this world involves reading! Thank you for taking the step to make sure the child in your life is fluent in this daily practice.

It is the hope of Spoken Hearts, LLC that you and your family can enjoy these amazing gifts! The gift of reading is the gift that keeps on giving! The more proficient a person comes in it, the more life gifts (educational and career opportunities, appreciation for experiences, and more) you are afforded!

Thank you again for your support,

Sonya Gibson-Dixon


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